Australia Indicate Indonesia verge of collapse , most recent Economy in the hands of Jokowi - JK

Australia Nyatakan Indonesia Diambang Kehancuran, Ekonomi amat Buruk di tangan Jokowi-JK
Australia Indicate Indonesia verge of collapse , most recent Economy in the hands of Jokowi - JK

Indonesia brink of disaster and destruction. Similarly, economic experts predict Australia in Canberra. He assessed that the Indonesian economy will continue to slow down, from bad to worse, amid distrust businesses against the policies of President Joko Widodo. Writing in the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) Strategist, John McBeth writes marked slowdown worsening export volumes continued to decline and collapse of domestic consumption. Economic nationalists, according to McBeth, is a growth barrier. Critics of President Joko Widodo in forum Asian-African Conference was made happy by nationalists, but Indonesia did not do anything to attract foreign of investment. In the era of President Yudhoyono, the Indonesian government and the World Bank launched a growth of 5.8 percent. Now, the projected economic growth to fall between 5.2 to 5.3 percent, and likely to continue to fall in the next few months. International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered Indonesia's projected growth of 4.7 percent in the first quarter, the lowest since 2009.

Unaffected by low commodity prices and a slowdown in China, Indonesia's exports in May 2015 period fell 15.2 percent year on year, and nearly two times higher than the previous month. But there is still a surplus for the sixth month, as imports fell 21 percent - the same as a decrease of 22.3 percent in April.

Political honeymoon of President Joko Widodo turned out to be shorter than expected, because the rift degnan Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), and the inability to stop the conflict between police and anti-Corruption Commission (KPK).
President Joko Widodo, according to McBeth, sought to improve ties with Megawati at least to delay the reshuffle. While critics were fully focused on the economy, and complained of the lack of strategic vision and policy coordination.

"There is no better example in addition to the efforts of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) attract foreign investment, but on the other hand the Ministry of Labor to make foreigners more difficult to get a work permit," wrote McBeth.

McBeth also highlights the bold step Joko Widodo remove fuel subsidy. However, many people are concerned with the way the cabinet Jokowi manage fluctuations in world oil prices and educate the Indonesian people understand the workings of the world market.
Windfall from oil, write McBeth, it is likely to be diverted. The World Bank estimates that Indonesia will be a deficit of Rp 282 trillion, as the target of a 30 percent increase of taxes is too ambitious for a country that the ratio of taxes to GDP is only 11 percent.

Quoting one of the Indonesian economy minister, McBeth said President Joko Widodo focus on infrastructure is a mistake, because that is needed today is a pump-priming measures to make the economy moving again.

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