NASA Ambitious Wanted ' Burn ' Space

NASA Ambitious Wanted ' Burn ' Space
NASA Ambitious Wanted ' Burn ' Space

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ) is conducting tests related to how long the fire element can survive in outer space . Therefore , the US space agency will hold extreme test called " Saffire " .

As quoted by the Mirror , Friday ( 18/03/2016 ) , NASA will eventually bring a ' capsule ' fly and burn it in a vacuum .

How it works , as explained by Project Manager Gary Ruff , there will be a capsule spacecraft called " Cygnus " , which brought a large box of cotton material fiberglass . Once inside the distance considered safe , Cygnus will be switched to " explode " .
Well, here's where NASA would learn how fire works in space. Ruff said NASA researched purpose of it is to set up the anticipation, in case of a fire on the NASA spacecraft in space, mainly in the special trip mission to Mars.

"These trials included a security concern and community NASA astronaut to travel in space," said Ruff.

This experiment will last for several hours. NASA also will prepare another test that will take place this year. Added by Ruff, the second trial will bring other materials such as fabric antiapi used for base material astronaut costume.

"The trial is based on two key questions about how fire works in space: whether the fire spreading will be larger in outer space, or what was later microgravity will restrict the movement of the fire?"
Moreover, Ruff also reveals, the test was held to see how strong materials and fabrics are burnt by fire in space. Because these materials will be used for future astronaut costume features the antiapi.

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