SUPER COOL: Researchers Successfully Controlling China Mobile Mind!

Researchers Successfully Controlling China Mobile Mind!

Strikes are also well because we are entering an era where we can control or drive a car without using hands at all but just by thinking through our brain which is the work of researchers from China, precisely the research team from Nankai University who has been working on this project for two years before making it a reality.

To allow the car to use mind control occurs, the controller needs to wear a device attached to the head, where the device is able to read the signal EEG (electroencephalogram) brain (a total of 16 EEG sensors mounted).
By wearing this tool, a researcher demonstrated how he moves the car forward and backward, stop /meremnya can even lock or unlock the car door just through his brain from the passenger seat without moving his arms or legs.

The enormity of the EEG signals are captured and processed by the device are transmitted to a computer via a cable car without alias wirelessly so controllers could sit anywhere. Computer connected to the car control system then processes the signals, categorize and recognize the "command" of the controller and run it.
Researchers from China is also said not to worry if the controlling mind wander everywhere so could lead to accidents due to be successfully deliver commands to the control system required considerable concentration.
Results of this research will certainly be useful for those who have physical disabilities that can not drive a car or vehicle and success of this research enables them to "drive" in the future only with their minds.
This time to research the control of the control (steering wheel) car has not been possible because it requires more research and further integration between computer processors and car steering system and there is currently no plan when this technology will be sold or can actually be used in the real world.
Hopefully this article useful and inspiring readers.

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