Chinese Women Crazy Selfie Smartphone Rp14 Million

 Chinese Women Crazy Selfie Smartphone Rp14 Million
 Chinese Women Crazy Selfie Smartphone Rp14 Million

BEIJING - Selfie is a trend that is now growing as the number of smartphones that carries a camera at the front. Moreover, a woman from China was willing to spend money up to Rp14 million just to buy a smartphone friendly on selfie lover.

As reported Oddity Central, Friday (03/18/2016), released the Casio Exilim EX-TR70 full features for selfie. The main target was the Chinese woman who loves taking his own photos.

Exilim EX-TR70 is equipped with the interface, the body design and selfie pad in hand to facilitate selfie smartphone. The camera can take a similar view of the range of normal 23mm image capture with a hand so that users do not need to use tongsis.

TR70 also have Bracketing feature comes with voice guidance system that counts down from three to give users time to change their poses. Five photos were clicked per session in this manner, so that the user can easily know the 'corners' of their best.

Exilim cameras are very popular among Chinese women, so much so that in 2015, Casio recorded the highest profit in nine years. In fact, Chinese women in other parts of the world are scrambling to buy them as well, although they are currently only available in Asia.

As with other selfie smartphone, TR70 is also equipped with special software 'make up digital' that can be used to remove stains and make the face look slimmer, brighter skin, and eyes bigger. Users can choose from 12 levels of smoothness and skin tone.

"At the time I bought this camera in Shanghai, he was very popular. Every time I go to a restaurant, I would see the girls take photos with this camera," Lin Shi, a Chinese student in New York to explain to Quartz.

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