NASA Hide fact , Sun has been Controlled Alien ?

NASA Hide fact , Sun has been Controlled Alien ?
 NASA Hide fact , Sun has been Controlled Alien ?

Heat and sunlight make life on Earth, including us could live, but, surprisingly, now that the news spread around the sun there are a lot of foreign flying objects suspected UFO.

"They approached the sun to absorb the strong elements of the sun, and it is possible that the aliens took part in the control of heat and sunlight," said UFO expert.

A "UFO expert" said, have seen what he claimed was the UFO with great form revolves around the sun. It was seen in the image sent from the Solar Heliospheric Observaory. Maybe this is not the first time they visit the sun, for six or seven years ago, Russian scientists claim that they have found the same event.

"People should know the truth that is hidden NASA," said Myunhauzen in a caption on one video uploaded on YouTube some time ago. The video footage shows a large number of odd glowing object hovering around the ball of bright sunlight.

Actually, if judging from the data associated in the past, we can see that since late 2009, NASA never caught a large number of objects UFO appearing above the orbit of the sun, and even UFOs more and more over time. Allegedly there are thousands of UFO unit back and forth around the sun, the researchers have also repeatedly witnessed similar image from video released by NASA.

Scott C. Waring, an expert on UFO Sightings Daily on its website disclose the fact that hidden NASA. Judging from the pictures Solar Heliospheric Observaory witnessed a large number of alleged UFO alien flying object that appeared continuously or simultaneously in every position of the sun.

"I've heard the news, about 6 to 7 years ago there were two Russian scientists who discovered the UFO with large size around the sun at the same time, and always floating in there any time. UFOs can instantly  "said Waring added. According to Waring associated surprising findings of fast or slow speed, and is able to turn 90 degrees without slowing down,  who knows exactly what they do, only God knows. Maybe they're controlling the these two scientists have long disappeared from the web.

They surround the sun, sun. "They might be able to control the sun, to keep the Earth's  if not, what would happen if the earth is parched, "said Waring Other temperature could remain stable or they're absorbing heavy elements, extremely rare and powerful. Let's hope they do not make mistakes that distorted, because  mothership" or "intergalactic explorers." There has been much alien hunters find something similar but with a very far distance from the sun. They claim to have seen aliens with large size moving toward the moon possessed Jupiter, Europa. According to some resembles the "interstellar from SecureTeam, Tyler, in one of his videos.

scientific debate about alien life who may live in the vast ocean that currently exists beneath Europa's surface ice. "Jupiter has long been shrouded  in mystery as well for the month, especially Europa," says UFO researcher.

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