SubhanAllah !! Man prayer Although Fixed Forward In Case On FUEL

Subhanallah !!! So high faith and Taqwa him ... He was bersolat but burnt but he still continue to pray for it to finish although in flames ....
Allah is the Greatest !! May You Shahid yes Brotherhood

It is unclear where this incident happened, but judging from the color of his skin seems this incident took place in Africa or could be in the CAR. Hopefully Actors Burning In Give rewarded !!

The story above is very similar to the story of one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, ie Abbad bin Bishr penetrated some arrows, while solemn prayer tahajud.Strangely, he did not feel any pain at all. In a state of prayer, he drew some arrows and then continuing until the evening prayer after.

Abbad bin Bishr fought alongside Prophet Muhammad in every war that he led. In wars, he served as pemabawa Qur'an.

When the Prophet returned from the war Dzatur Riqa ', he rested the entire Muslim forces on the slope of a hill. Upon arrival at the resort on a hill, the Prophet asked,

"Who's on guard duty tonight?""We O Messenger of Allah," said Abbad bin Bishr and Amar bin Yasir, standing up.Rasululah SAW has made ​​both brothers when the immigrants newly arrived in Medina. When the two came out to the guard post, Abbad said to Ammar,"Who among us who just beforehand?""I sleep first," said Ammar who are prepared to lay down not far from the guard.In an atmosphere of calm and quiet evening, and late evening prayers Abbad in sweet verses of the Koran were read. In the prayer that he read the letter al-Kahf with a heartbreaking voice for anyone who heard it.

When Abbad immersed in prayer absorption Tahajud, an enemy came slipped. The enemy was convinced that the Prophet Muhammad is in place and the people who were praying it was the guards who guard duty.Arrows in exposed conditions Reluctant Stopping Salah.The man was preparing darts and archery Abbad exactly on his body. Abbad revoke arrows lodged in his body as he continued reading and immersed in prayer. The man was archery again and the body Abbad with the sniper again. Abbad back pull out the arrows from his body and went back to his worship.

Archery then that person again and again revoke Abbad dart like two arrows before.Now shift performed by Ammar arrived ..Abbad crawled into the bed near his brother and wake him up, saying,"Arise my brother, I was badly injured and weak," said Abbad.Meanwhile, the last archer who know your spouse's see, the rush to escape. Ammar turned to Abbad and saw blood pouring from three wounds on his body.

'Subhan Allah, why do not you wake me when the first dart about my body? "Said Ammar."I was reading the Qur'an in prayer. I do not want to break my reading until the end. For the sake of Allah, If it were not for fear of wasting guard duty charged by the Prophet Muhammad to keep heading the camp of the Muslims, let me drop out rather than having to stop reading the Qur'an in the prayer, "said Abbad.

This is one of the heroic story of a friend named Abbad bin Bishr and this is one of the intercession which Allah gave him. Similarly, the story of a burnt continued prayers, may God put them in the best side.Hopefully we can take a lesson from kitah 2 this extraordinary man .....Aamiin ...

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