NASA : Sun Upcoming Reality From West

NASA : Sun Upcoming Reality From West
 NASA : Sun Upcoming Reality From West

No mention THAT astronomical science footed round the planet Mars was slowly bit by bit toward laluannya to the east . Space agency scientists freelance nationality United States of America ( NASA ) also found that planetary motion was stalled toward the pass .
NASA then find the planet Mars have exchanged laluannya to the opposite direction, that is, toward the West, this means the sun will rise from the west Mars. Odd phenomenon is called "retrograde motion".

Most Western scientists argue THAT all the planet is going through a similar phenomenon and These include the planet Earth. If it is valid, then the sun will rise from the West!

Subhan Allah! Beloved of Allah Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. THAT said one big sign that doomsday will arrive is when the sun rises from the West.

NASA telahpun find signs of the sun will rise from the West during his astronomical scientists study the movement of the planet Mars. That they can not be sure is a period of time that will be taken up until all the planets through a similar phenomenon.

Acquired by NASA's science should build up again the faith of Muslims will be signs of the apocalypse. Humans do not know if it's going to apply even though there are already many signs. Only Allah the All-Knowing.


If the examined carefully, the theory described Al-Quran is a bit different than the theories of the west. The first, the Qur'an describes the moon that causes the earth to exchange directions. The Quran shows a close docking and meetings between the earth and the moon. But the western theory is not 'visible' any role in the process of this incident.

That all of them, the theory of the Koran appear more clearly and easily understood, even be proven through ujikaji lab. While the western theory can not be tested in the lab and does not indicate the state of the sun will rise from the west! If applicable perlanggaran are very powerful (with a huge comet), then the earth will be destroyed! Perlanggaran 'small' (as is the case in Mexico) will not be able to redeem the Earth's spin. Again even if it were a comet abuse of the earth "wrong direction" it was possible to add speed centrifuge current example from 24 hours to 10 hours sahaja / day. Had the earth rotates on speed, then the speed of the objects that are on the surface of the Equator (or equatorial) is approximately 4,000 km / hour which will destroy everything that is on the surface of the earth such as houses, buildings, plants, tree and man and the animals will fly.

Another was to allow the earth perputar in opposite directions, the comet that violate the earth should pergerak at speeds of more than 2 times the speed of rotation of the earth that is 3,300 km / h (in case the size of the comet as large as the size of the earth), and should abuse the earth at an angle and location right. If it is in violation of the north pole, the sun will not 'rises from the west'.

That all three, the theory of the Koran is more appropriate because it does not apply spoiling a great deal to creatures on earth. Had a great effect extinction (eg Earth is destroyed), then this means has been "truly doomsday" not again "almost the apocalypse". In the hadith above explained after the sun rises from the west then all deeds and repentance is not accepted anymore, and the Beast will come down to earth (this shows the man is still alive on the earth again, and as usual).

Moreover Quran states (15:76) humans will see the streets remain upright, as usual without any visible damage of, and still be traversed.

The fourth, the Qur'anic account of the theory is more thorough and west . Scientists have find that there is a ' 2 ' type of surface that is the surface of the bright moon ( which was always mengadap earth ) , and dark surfaces ( which was always back to Earth ) . To two - two of these surfaces has characteristics that differed very striking as color , power gravity , content of materials , ketumpatan and congestion , radioactivity , and so forth . Thus if the moon broke he would change the polar gravity , electromagnetic physical exertion that may cause the power of gravity and the earth's magnetic react .

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